Friday, November 28, 2008


appreciative, contented, gratified, pleased, relieved, satisfied all these and more.

Looking back on an Ike post I saw I used alot of adjectives that were sad, scared, etc... well, times have changed people and life is great! During this season I have so much to be thankful for and you are one of them! Thanks for stopping in and I promise I'll be better at posting. (since I have my own computer back for the first time in MONTHS!!! ) YAY!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Home pics

OK as of the house, thanks for looking and try not to notice the mess and boxes!
front porch
from front door
living room
opposite view
coming in back door
looking at back door thru kitchen
laundry room
Nick's office
Dining room
hall to right side
Jack & Jill Bathrooms
Trey's messy room
wanna-be scraproom!
hall to Master
one half of Master
other half of master
our closet
half of master bath
other half of master
Nick's favorite part!
Merry staying in from the rain.
cool bowl from MIL.
If you really made it this far, YOU ROCK! Hopefully soon you can come see it IRL!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Yellow Butterfly

I have to share this "God thing" that happened to me. A few weeks ago when I was feeling really down and worried about our situation I was on the phone trying to get thru to FEMA, sitting outside at our friends house on the patio and in between being on hold and pushing more numbers I was talking to God and just telling Him I knew He had a plan and it'd all work out. I told Him I was frustrated, scared and just so worried, but I was asking for a sign and some peace & patience. This yellow butterfly kept flittering around, never landing but hanging around close. This happened the next few days in a row. Fast forward to finally finding a house and we were taking a break in moving in boxes and I went in the backyard and guess what I saw? Yep, a yellow butterfly! I just let out a little giggle and said outloud, "OK, you got me and thanks!" So the answer may not always be heard, but I knew He was there and just saying to me.... "I handled it, didn't I?" So keep a look out for a Yellow Butterfly, He may be hovering over you too!
Will update with more pics as soon as I find my camera!! Love you all!