Saturday, February 18, 2012

February already??

Y'all, here I am again, finally! I think my calendar was missing January?? It flew by, just like all the days are lately. I was glad for 2011 to fly on outta here, but geesh....

Not much has been going on, just school for Trey, 7th grade...yikes, he will be a teenager this year!

I had my one year anniversary at work last week, doesn't seem like I have been there that long....

Nick has been building pools with my brother, kinda nice to have him around more... that sounded funny, not kinda nice, real nice, especially on my days off!

Our Christmas was awesome again as usual, Trey got an iPad from his grandparents, he didn't put it down for at least a month! :) He was spoiled again as usual.

I don't think I mentioned that Nick got a motorcycle? He has always wanted one and his car is not reliable, so this is easier for hin to run check on jobs, etc. Besides, it's ALOT of fun!! We rode alot to Galveston before it got too cool, had burgers at The Spot, coffee and Ken & Holly's place on the strand, just cruised the Seawall.

Trey is still kickin it at Aikido, he got his Blue Belt in October, and Nick had promised him months ago that when he got his Blue Belt, he'd buy him an authentic Samurai sword. So you can imagine, the day he got it, he says, "where's my sword?"
They found one online and ordered it from China, it is definitely battle ready and super sharp, so he's taking a weapons class too. Here is the pic we used for our Christmas card showing the sword and his new belt. ------>>>>

I forgot to mention also that I won tickets to see Maroon 5 when they came to Galveston to introduce the new cruise ship the Carnival Magic. They had the dock all set up and we were right in front, it was AWESOME! These pics were taken with my phone so they aren't the greatest... but you get the idea. It was a great day and great music!

Well, I think I'm caught up for now, and I hope to not be so far between posts next time!! Hang in there with me! :)