Monday, December 12, 2011

More Yellow Butterfly Sightings

Just wanted to share the latest "God Winks" I have had since back when I first realized Yellow Butterflies will  have a new meaning to me. If you remember from this post- Yellow Butterfly  I needed a "sign" if you will. There were more of those times this past year, it was a really hard year for us, and praying 2012 will be better!

One day this past summer, I was worried and stressing, trying to chill out, I got a book and went outside to get some sun. I was kicked back, eyes closed, praying for peace and hope in our family. At one point I just asked God to show me that He was there and things would work out and get better. About 2 minutes later, I opened my eyes and there resting on my knee was a yellow butterfly. If I would have kept my eyes closed, I would have never seen it, because I surely didn't feel it, if it had just flown by I wouldn't have seen it either.

Then another day I was praying on the way to pick Trey up from school and as we got on the feeder road in the middle of traffic, another one flew right across our path.

Then on our cruise, when we were on our Segway and Snorkle tour,  we were cruising along this gorgeous road with the Mexican sun beating down on us, beautiful scenery all around, and there were yellow butterflies all over the place. I had seen one or two before I mentioned it to Nick and as we went further, they kept coming, almost in swarms! The whole 7-8 miles, they were everywhere. It wasn't like they were in the bushes on the sides of the road, they were flying right through our path! I just had to giggle! We really needed to see those and it was so perfect because we were out there together, just us and enjoying each other. So now we share this "wink."

This post is just to let some of my friends who are going through rough waters know.. just talk to Him, take time to be still and listen, He is always there, He never leaves, He loves you! He may not answer when you want, but be patient and hang in there. Praying for you all too!