Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm baaaack!

Well, got a new header and layout, so I'm ready to update!! Are you ready to catch up?? Last post I had worked on the Extreme Makeover Home Edition and had a blast. Seems so long ago! It just aired last Sunday. It was a blast to relive it all. Makes all the hard work and purple face worth it! I got a few texts that I was spotted in the kitchen, right where I thought I’d be. That was filmed on the reveal day and it was misting rain and miserable! We stood outside doing take after take for 3 hours in the same spot, after we had been inside warm and dry touching up paint, sweeping, mopping and filming a few spots. All in all it was a great experience!

Since then it’s been pretty much life back to normal, work and school. We have entered a new phase in our family life. Nick and I are both working out of the home. It has been a hard adjustment, just schedule wise. My schedule changes week to week, never the same days or times; I can go up to 3-4 days off in a row. Which is great, don’t get me wrong, it’s just hard to coordinate pick ups for Trey. We have always been around. Nick worked from home, I was a SAHM, so we were both able to take and pick him up from school. Now, we have to find someone to pick him up and stay with him until we get home in the evening. He is not quite old enough to stay alone, nor does he want to yet. We both work Saturdays, so that is a long day for him, although I don’t work every weekend, but Nick does. Thank goodness for our parents and friends! They have stepped up! Now summer is going to be a whole different story! We’ll get thru it, if only he’d go to Church camp, but he’s not into that yet either!

We lost Nick’s sweet Mamaw at the beginning of March, actually the day before Nick’s birthday, not a great birthday for him this year. She was an awesome lady and lived a long and happy 95 years. We miss her, but know she is dancing in Heaven, healthy and whole and we will see her again one day!

I had my annual Girl’s Crop Weekend again, this time in TEXAS, so I didn’t have to fly anywhere for the first time in a few years! It was as usual, the best time! I miss my girls and hate that I only get to see most of them once a year! It always goes by so fast, already looking forward to the next one. We’re thinking Daytona, close to Jan’s home! We had a total of 10 of us. Jan, Laurie, Jenn, Jodi, Suzanne, Bren Denise, Kelly, Lynn and Me! Jan, Laurie and Jenn came in early so we could “do Houston” as Laurie put it. We went to Discovery Green, hung out in the park, had lunch at The Grove, (YUM) and went shopping @ One Houston Center.

Let me tell you, these girls can shop!
They had been cruising Old Town Spring the day before and weren’t tired of it yet! We found a store that sold Chamilia beads and we all went crazy! Got a few new charms! We went to shop at the Pavilions, but no stores were open, it’s a new center, will be nice, but don’t know if I’ll go back, we got in trouble… seems like we always have some kind of silly drama! Did you know you can’t take pictures of anything without people in them? There were these really cool Japanese lanterns hanging in this area below us in a courtyard, so Laurie and Jenn started snapping away and a security guard(who obviously loved his job!) got in our face and said we couldn’t do that! We could be terrorists (yeah right, a bunch of women, most of them tourists) scoping out the area! HAHA! Whatever.
The weather was awesome! Especially for Laurie and Jenn, whose flight was cancelled the day before due to snow in Denver! We were all soaking up the sun. The next day we picked up Lynn, Denise and Kelly at the airport and headed to Galveston to shop some more and eat at Fisherman’s Wharf and meet Bren. It was great seeing how much has been done to The Strand and the Waterfront since Ike. There is still some visible damage, The Flagship is still messed up, some of the fishing piers and of course beach houses. We messed around for a while then drove to Surfside to meet Suzanne and get settled in the house. Jodi, Jenn, me and Laurie drew the short straw; mine the shortest of all since I got the top of the top bunk!

3 levels up! Good thing I don’t get up in the night that would have been a riot! After fun, sun and scrapping for 3 days, it was back to life, back to the grind!

Now it’s time to focus on the golf tournament again! This year is our 20th Anniversary and we’re hoping it’s going to be a big turn out! If you’re interested, check out our website!

Hope to blog again before 3 months!

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