Saturday, May 30, 2009

Long Time No Blog!

It is officially summer and that's why I haven't had a few minutes to sit down and blog. It has been crazy and I realized I never posted about Trey's musical and what a great job he did! Here are a few snippets of what we've been up to:
Life School Musical - 4/25/09
The day of his performance I must have said a quick prayer every 2 minutes that he wouldn't be nervous or get jumbled up when there was an audience full of people out there! I found out they did the whole thing that day in school, for the students, so that was a nice run through with bodies in the seats! ;) I also prayed that I could keep the butterflies jumping around in my stomach to a minimum, I was very anxious! This was my kid who was so shy and could barely squeak out his name and would turn beet red if anyone talked to him. I said "was" because in the last year he has really come out of his shell.

He let me gel his hair and make it all crazy, he was supposed to be a silly looking guy. It looked cute! Everyone told him he should wear it that was everyday...not....

When we got there they miked him up and got him backstage and off we went! Amazingly I was calm and could enjoy it. I was worried about him missing a cue of forgetting a line, but I shouldn't have, he did great. He got up there, that was a miracle in itself! There were a couple of times that there were total mess ups by all of the kids, but if you didn't know the play line by line like I did you probably wouldn't have noticed! He even wants to do it again next year!

That night after the play, Nick was heading to a race, and Trey and I went to dinner in the middle of hell. The thunderstorm was the first of many for this and the next weekend. Thought we'd never make it home, 30 mph all the way and our street was flooded, I could see visions of having to put up furniture in the middle of the night!

Mothers Day '09 - My guys took me shopping for a new cell phone. I didn't have a keyboard on my old one and I am into texting! I got a new Blackberry and it's so fun! Texting is easy, I can take pics and it's a MP3 player too! Lovin it! We did the Mom's thing with our Mom's, but I am such a bad scrapbooker and didn't get one picture of either of us with our Mom's!! I did get a few cute ones of Trey! (and Morgan)

End of School Functions -
Trey's school always has Field Day, all kinds of track and field events to compete in. My GF and I went to eat breakfast before and got there in time for one event and lightening halted the whole thing. Happens every year! Home we went!

His last day of school was Thursday the 28th and the whole class went to Fun Max Jump In. An old grocery store that is now jumpy paradise! The kids had a blast, it stunk to high heaven, lordy all those sweaty kids, sock feet and ewwwwwwwwww! No one even got hurt, that was a bonus! It all started at 9:15 and we we're outta there by 11:30!
That night we had to be back at the school for awards, last hurrah of the year!
Trey made Honor Roll, Scripture, and Superior Conduct, he's a pretty good student!
So, that in a nutshell is what's been going on here! We are going to Dallas next weekend for a wedding, it'll be a little get away for Nick and I. Will post about that in a few weeks!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Look

Well, I put a little spring look to my blog, I was getting tired of the other one, so I bet y'all were too! Hope you like it! I'll be back later with a few updates, there are some things I have been meaning to blog but haven't yet! See ya on the flipside!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Church Has Left the Building

Last weekend was "Church Has Left the Building", so that is what we did! We went out into the community to do some repairs, clean up whatever they needed to a school in desperate need! We were supposed to do this a while back, but got rained out. The school had even gotten water in it the day before during the torrential rains we had. I haven't heard how many all together showed up ready to work, but it was a bunch! We rock!

Our small group had the nastiest of all jobs, not sure why they assigned us to the "Stinky MudPit" which we lovingly called it. Maybe they knew we could do it, we're tough and strong, or maybe they were punishing us for some reason!
me, Matt, Shawna, Einar and Tanya. heave ho!
Most got painting curbs (Laura) or painting picnic tables, landscaping, etc... But we got to dig up a pond, an old waterfeature, in the teachers atrium. Remember I said we had tons of rain lately? Well the pumps didn't work on this particular pond and the water was stagnant and nasty! We had to take out all the rocks boulders, liner, water, weeds, frogs, earthworms, etc., out of the muck filled hole and fill it back in!
The kids were not thrilled when we got there, but they busted butt and hauled rocks, dug up weeds, played with frogs and doodlebugs, and after we were finished, they were all glad they helped!
But you know what? It was fun... we spent the day serving in our community, sharing the Gospel by our works and getting blessed by doing it! Sunday Night Survivors ROCK!
I saw this group on Facebook and it's so true!
Here is a link to our GO site too, much more pics!