Saturday, January 9, 2010

Did I mention it's COLD!?!?

yes, my cheeks are purple!!
I went to the site yesterday for Extreme Home Makeover to volunteer. It was around 36 degrees when I got there and the wind was howling! (it was 21 when we left). I was layered up though and had on my ski pants, thank goodness for those, the only thing that was really cold was my face and it was covered most of the time...the wind was brutal. We got on the bus under the Kemah bridge and got bussed over to the build. It was amazing, so much going on, so many people scurrying around, heavy equipment beeping, trucks in and out. Craziness, but such a feeling of community. When we got off the bus, the team heading out was clapping, cheering and high-fiving all of us, it got us pumped up! We got put to work immediately building a walkway from one block thru a horse pasture and to the other, stopping across from the house, or I should say at this point, the site where the house will be. It was already gone when I got there... We laid 2X4's for about 200 yards, then 8 foot plywood on top then connected them all together. My arms are sore from carrying plywood! Luckily my hubby sent me with some leather work gloves, they saved the day! It took us, about 30 of us, about 2 hours to do this. It was freezing, but when we got moving it was bearable. We were walking back to the warming tent and I was clapping my hands to keep them warm and one of the guys from the construction company in a golf cart asked if my hands were cold and gave me hand warmers to put in my gloves! How cool! It really helped for a bit. We were fed a warm dinner and had plenty of coffee and went back to work. We laid a floor in the VIP tent, more plywood, for another hour then we were done. The walk back to the bus stop was about 1/4 mile, but it seemed longer! We hooped and hollered at every truck waiting to deliver stuff, we had horns honking all down the the neighbors love this!! Actually they have all been great I hear, especially the one across the street with a huge tent in their front yard!! All in all it was great, next week should be warmer and more fun stuff to do.... hopefully I can get out there and get more pics!
Stay Warm!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's EXTREMELY cold!!

Well, it's on it's way to freezing as I type. The "arctic blast" is on its way! Sounds like a Dairy Queen treat, doesn't it?? :) Just great for this weather to be coming in here now as we have Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in town!
Ty and the gang, just rolled in this am and surprised the Beach Family that they are getting a new house, and boy do they need one! The article is there if you click on their name, it was from last year after Ike. It is just across the Kemah Bridge from me, so I hope to be out there and taking lots of pics to scrapbook! The Pep Rally was held at our church as we are a sponsor and they are doing all of the interviews there also... I might need to run up there and get something.... I think I left my bible.... hee-hee.... I'm hoping to run into Ty or Paulie...The show will air in March and this is the biggest house they will have ever built for the show! You can keep up with the progress on Blu's website! Stay warm and say a prayer for the Subs, Trades and volunteers out there working in this weather!!