Friday, April 12, 2013

Where have I been?!?!

Wow, it's been over a year since I've written. I guess with Facebook, it's hard to keep up with a blog! They are kinda phasing out I think. I am going to update and refresh it soon. There is a lot going on in our lives these days, and I'm missing out on keeping a "journal" of sorts by not keeping this up to date, so soon, very soon I'm going to sit down and catch up!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

February already??

Y'all, here I am again, finally! I think my calendar was missing January?? It flew by, just like all the days are lately. I was glad for 2011 to fly on outta here, but geesh....

Not much has been going on, just school for Trey, 7th grade...yikes, he will be a teenager this year!

I had my one year anniversary at work last week, doesn't seem like I have been there that long....

Nick has been building pools with my brother, kinda nice to have him around more... that sounded funny, not kinda nice, real nice, especially on my days off!

Our Christmas was awesome again as usual, Trey got an iPad from his grandparents, he didn't put it down for at least a month! :) He was spoiled again as usual.
Here we all are at Mimi and Poppy's.

I don't think I mentioned that Nick got a motorcycle? He has always wanted one and his car is not reliable, so this is easier for hin to run check on jobs, etc. Besides, it's ALOT of fun!! We rode alot to Galveston before it got too cool, had burgers at The Spot, coffee and Ken & Holly's place on the strand, just cruised the Seawall.
Us on the Seawall

Trey is still kickin it at Aikido, he got his Blue Belt in October, and Nick had promised him months ago that when he got his Blue Belt, he'd buy him an authentic Samurai sword. So you can imagine, the day he got it, he says, "where's my sword?"
Maverick, Trey & Merry
They found one online and ordered it from China, it is definitely battle ready and super sharp, so he's taking a weapons class too. Here is the pic we used for our Christmas card showing the sword and his new belt. ------>>>>

Adam Levine
before the show, the stage and the boat.

I forgot to mention also that I won tickets to see Maroon 5 when they came to Galveston to introduce the new cruise ship the Carnival Magic. They had the dock all set up and we were right in front, it was AWESOME! These pics were taken with my phone so they aren't the greatest... but you get the idea. It was a great day and great music!

Well, I think I'm caught up for now, and I hope to not be so far between posts next time!! Hang in there with me! :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

More Yellow Butterfly Sightings

Just wanted to share the latest "God Winks" I have had since back when I first realized Yellow Butterflies will  have a new meaning to me. If you remember from this post- Yellow Butterfly  I needed a "sign" if you will. There were more of those times this past year, it was a really hard year for us, and praying 2012 will be better!

One day this past summer, I was worried and stressing, trying to chill out, I got a book and went outside to get some sun. I was kicked back, eyes closed, praying for peace and hope in our family. At one point I just asked God to show me that He was there and things would work out and get better. About 2 minutes later, I opened my eyes and there resting on my knee was a yellow butterfly. If I would have kept my eyes closed, I would have never seen it, because I surely didn't feel it, if it had just flown by I wouldn't have seen it either.

Then another day I was praying on the way to pick Trey up from school and as we got on the feeder road in the middle of traffic, another one flew right across our path.

Then on our cruise, when we were on our Segway and Snorkle tour,  we were cruising along this gorgeous road with the Mexican sun beating down on us, beautiful scenery all around, and there were yellow butterflies all over the place. I had seen one or two before I mentioned it to Nick and as we went further, they kept coming, almost in swarms! The whole 7-8 miles, they were everywhere. It wasn't like they were in the bushes on the sides of the road, they were flying right through our path! I just had to giggle! We really needed to see those and it was so perfect because we were out there together, just us and enjoying each other. So now we share this "wink."

This post is just to let some of my friends who are going through rough waters know.. just talk to Him, take time to be still and listen, He is always there, He never leaves, He loves you! He may not answer when you want, but be patient and hang in there. Praying for you all too!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Can't believe it's the holidays already! Seems like it was just Christmas and here we are going to look for a tree later. Had a great Thanksgiving, hosted it at our house, we did all the cooking. It was awesome, Nick makes the BEST dressing and gravy, he learned from the best, his Mamaw. It was a good day, relaxing and easy. Today I did not join all the crazies out shopping, there is nothing I need THAT bad! The only thing we are getting today is a tree. The guys want a real one this year, so going out later. Have a great weekend! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hello, it's been a while....

Seriously? Last August? I have been SO bad about blogging! I really missed it, so I hope I'm back to some regular posting! So much has happened since last year, and I probably can't remember it all! Highlights... last post Trey was going in 6th grade, now he's in 7th. Time flies! He's also 12, not too far from being a teenager, scary....
Nick and I went on our first cruise, and it was our first vacation in 17 years, not including weekends camping or things like that! It was awesome, perfect, dreamy and I wish we were still there, we'll go again soon for sure. First we have to take Trey on a vacation.
We stopped in Cozumel and it was gorgeous. I could live there!
 We had a Segway and Snorkeling tour planned ad went to the meeting spot at a really nice resort where I took this pic and lots more.

 We started getting worried when no one else showed up, it was just us. But, it worked out perfect, we had our two guides all to ourselves! One led us on the segways to a private beach club about 8-10 miles down the island, the other followed in the truck with our snorkel gear and water. It was amazing! The guide, Bob, was awesome, what a job this guy has!
 I would go back and do the same tour with the same guys again tomorrow!

As for the drama that was our townhouse.... it is gone, they bulldozed them about June or so. We did get some money from their insurance, but not nearly enough!
We celebrated our 17th anniversary in September, that is a miracle in itself, there were times over this past year I didn't think we'd make it through. It was a hard, stressful tough year and surely they can only get better! Remembering this: 1 Corinthians 13:13; And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. One reason it's better is Nick isn't selling cars at "that place" anymore, he's actually home some now. He was gone so much that was a main problem, I felt like a single parent and he was missing out on alot around here. We have been having lots of time together and it's awesome! He's working with Kevin building pools, so he's in shorts and tshirts mostly not dress clothes, and he's here.... that's the best part.

I haven't gotten together with my girls this year, but Jenn did come to visit! Of course we went to see Bon Jovi!! Spent a day at the beach and The Spot, and an evening with Jon! Good times!

Well, that's all I got right now, hope to be back soon!

Monday, August 23, 2010

School Days Again!

Well, it's that time again! School Days! My "little" boy is going to 6th grade!?! Where does the time go? Seems like just yesterday he was going into Kindergarten. I know people always told me time files after you have children, and boy they were right. He is 11 and almost as tall as I am! He got an awesome teacher, well 3! This year he will change classes for the first time. He also has a male teacher, for Math and Bible, another first. Tomorrow night is Parent Orientation, I haven't been for years because I have always gone to "Meet the Teacher" day, but I was working this year and couldn't, so I'm looking forward to seeing his classrooms and meeting his teachers. I pray he has a great year! I am going to enjoy having a schedule back, it was a hard summer with both Nick & I working outside the home, trying to find a place for him to go when we were @ work. Thank goodness for Grandparents and friends! I look forward to having some time to enjoy my days alone for a change too. I'll miss him, and the house is very quiet, but I have tons of things to do! Hopefully I can get some scrapping in also! Speaking of summer; it was pretty uneventful. No vacations, Nick won't have time off enough for a while. Trey had fun swimming with friends, got a few bad sunburns along the way! You know kids and sunscreen don't go together. He enjoyed a day at Schlitterbahn with one of his best friends, he loved it! He also had a birthday, kinda sucks for him to have a summer birthday. Ususally his friends are out of town and it's hard to schedule a party. We did finally manage to get one in the weekend before school started. We took a bunch of boys to Putt Putt and they had a blast! Then they all came back here for cake and ice cream and a sleepover. They are all really good kids and such a riot to be around!

We (me, Mimi & Poppy) did take a day trip with Trey and Morgan to Galveston to see all the tree sculptures, carved from oak trees that Ike destroyed. It was amazing and sad at the same time. The sculptures are beautiful, but knowing they were once huge, majestic trees that were standing just before the storm. There are many more that could be done, but we saw around 15. We took the kids on the ferry and watched the dolphins. It was 100 degrees that day, but we did it! Poppy took us for a shrimp lunch at Shrimp N Stuff. If you've never been, I recommend it! Good shrimp at a decent price, just don't ask me where it is, it is stuck in the middle of homes somewhere off of Broadway! Google it!
Until next time,