Sunday, November 20, 2016

Montego Bay, Jamaica - 12/1

When we woke up on Tuesday morning, we were pulling into Jamaica.

It was a gorgeous day and there were mountains on the horizon. Got a cup of coffee and out to the balcony to watch us pull in, but our room was on the wrong side of the ship! Got some good shots coming in, but had to go up on deck to see us tie up to the dock.
We didn't have any excursions planned because all of the good ones were over 90 minutes away and we didn't want to spend time in a bus, we'd rather be on the beach. We got on a HopON/HopOFF bus and took off around 10am. Then we could figure out where to go from there.
Our driver told us some history and about some of the resorts in the area. First stop was an outdoor mall, but we can shop at home! Next stop was Doctor's Cave Beach, this was it for us.

It was a private beach, just $6 to get in and they had food, restrooms, showers, chairs and umbrellas (of course, for a fee). Before we could hardly get off the bus, there were Jamaicans in our faces wanting to "sell us their wares" Yeah, green, smelly ganja! Would you believe they even had clipboards with photos for you to pick from?? Crazy! So, to the beach we go, grab a chair and get comfy. We had a great view of the ship from the beach and planes going over too. Had to try the official drink of the island, Red Stripe, it was ok, hot day and a cold beer.
The water was so gorgeous, and cool, but not too cold. It was perfect to hang out in and swim. I had taken some mini Milk Bone dog treats because I heard the fish love them and boy did they. We would break them up and as they floated around we got swarmed with all kinds of fish. So cool!

We snorkeled and hung out most of the day, but wanted to check out the town and grab a bite, so off we went. We found a great place close and had some jerk wings and they were so good!

Then the boys had to try out the bobsled from Cool Runnings! Silly guys!

  Of course, before we left we had to hit the Harley store. It was our goal to get a shirt from each port, 2 out of three wasn't bad. Didn't make it to the one in Cozumel. That's a story for another day!

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Forgetfulone said...

I've heard of Red Stripe. Was it good? My daughter went to Jamaica last summer for a mission trip - the inner part of Jamaica where they are poor. She did get to spend 2 days at a resort when they were on their way home. Jamaica looks so beautiful in photos! Maybe one day I'll go there!