Tuesday, July 8, 2008

One more thing

I forgot to include the baby shower we had for Jenn while we were in Colorado! I found this lady in Colorado Springs, Thena, who owns Bella Cakes. She made the most fantastic, adorable looking and great tasting cake I have ever seen and consumed!! We emailed back and forth about what I wanted and she sent some ideas and then I trusted her to get what I was working toward. Saturday morning at the house someone from her company delivered the cake & I could not believe my eyes... no way this was going to be edible!! It was toooooo cute!! This isn't the best pic we took of it, but it'll do for now. It's a baby in a wooden barrel bathtub in the grass. There are bubbles water, a blanket or towel, a little bar of soap and a duckie floating in the water! The detail was amazing! We looked at it all day and didn't want to cut it. I called Thena to thank her and tell her how impressed I was and that we didn't want to eat it, but she told me we HAD to. That is why she made it!! She also made some duckie cookies since I told her ducks were kind of our mascot, we always give duckies as gifts! They were awesome almond cookies, we hated to eat those too! Those were easier to eat than the cake. So after looking at the cake all day, we decided to cut it that evening after dinner. We ended up cutting it in half and eating the bottom half, that way the top was still intact and Jenn could show her hubby. She was surprised and got some goodies and we had a good time! If anyone is or around the Colorado Springs area needs cookies or cakes for any occasion, I would highly recommend Thena! Wish she were closer so I could use her all the time! She has lots of pics on her website, so check it out!
BTW...my guys are still alive and well, a little bruised and beat up, but here! Hopefully they will grow out of that soon!

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