Thursday, July 17, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle!

NOT! Took Trey & Morgan to the Rainforest Cafe today. Thought Mo wouldn't be quite so scared. She will try anything and is usually into just about everything, except for the gorillas there! She loved the gift shop and the games out front, but clung to me and Mimi the WHOLE time! Then when the monkeys and gorillas would start she would squeeze tighter. She never cried or really freaked out, but she did NOT like it! Here she is saying . "No monkey, no..." We ate then went out front to look at the beach and the other animals out there and she played around a bit, but she wasn't happy.
Trey & I played a few games then we headed home. Didn't even try to do the boat ride! Here's me and my guy by the "not real" monkey.... she kept saying, "Monkey not real!"
We wanted to get a few pics on the seawall of the kiddos, but it was SO hot and windy we just headed back home for a nap! Not me, the little one! Maybe when it cools down a bit we'll try again! Next week we're doing something in the a/c and without monkeys! Hopefully she's not scarred for life and terrified of chimps! ;)


Linda F. said...

Aw! You never know how they're going to react, do you!
I love the Rainforest Cafe, but there aren't any around here.
Great pictures of the kids (and you!)

Amy said...

Hayden acted the same way when we went to the Rainforest Cafe in Nashville. We thought he would have loved it but totally wrong. Love the Coach purse. I have the exact same one!!

Great pics of you and Trey.