Saturday, December 13, 2008

More snow!

well, in my blog that is.... I got the link from Dawn, you have to see her blog.. it is gorgeous and always uplifting and oh, so funny! I really have missed reading my list of blogs... gonna get back to it! I wanted to find a holiday background, but I'd have to make a new header and I have my background and header just like I like it. Y'all may get tired of looking at it though! Maybe after the holidays I'll spiff it up a bit! So enjoy the falling snow as you read! Will share our decorations soon, have to learn how to get a good pic of lights! See ya!


D... said...

I was wondering how on earth Dawn had snow falling on her blog!

Looks great. I ♥ it!

Lisa said...

Copy and save the template somewhere so after the holidays you can just change it back. That is what I did. I like the snow falling and may have to try and steal that!

Cracker Scraps said...

I think you can look at your blog as if it were your clothing and you changed it daily to fit your mood, frankly, I don't blog every day. Or you could look at it more like your online home where when people visit your blog they know it's yours by the appearance! I like the falling snow, y'all got some but it would seem silly to me on my blog, though it has snowed in FL before. I'd personally settle for a hard freeze to kill the fleas. We have had not one hard freeze since living here, now Christmas #7 in this house! We did get them in Orlando.