Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bad, Bad Blogger!

I have been a bad girl! I used to be so with it when it came to blogging, but I haven't been keeping up! Things have gotten back to normal with school starting after the holidays, I think I'm the only one who is glad about this! Trey is doing good in school, notice I didn't say great. He is still holding an "A" average, but barely. His handwriting is atrocious and he hates math and I can't get him to even try harder. Hopefully it is a short term thing or he won't make it to 10! LOL, kidding of course, but geesh...

I am getting ready for a scrapping trip this Thursday, can't wait, I'm already mostly packed but that's so I don't wear the clothes I wanna take! I do enough laundry as it is! I am heading to St. Louis to meet up with Jan, Suzanne, Kelly, Lynn, Jenny, Meghan and Janis. I wasn't planning this, but my BFF talked me into it, tho I didn't need much convincing! It's practically free, thanks Jan! She is such a great gf! Will share many pics when I get home! We are doing the arch on Sunday. As cold as it is here I can't even imagine how cold it'll be there! BRRRRRRRR!

I have been hearing from so many friends I haven't heard from in forever or lost touch with. I think the world has gotten much smaller thanks to the internet and Facebook!
Hi Becky and Alane!

Also, I'm just gonna put it out there so I can be held accountable.... I'm trying to, No, I will, read through the Bible this year. I got off to a rough start, not until the 9th of January, but i'm almost caught up. Genesis is tough since most of it is family trees and how long these people lived and how many kids they had, but I'm pushing thru! Our pastor challenged us to do this, so I can do it, I don't back down from a challenge!

OK, well, gotta go get the kid from school and make some stops beforehand, so I'm outta here! I promise to be a better blogger! Say "hi" when you stop in!

Peace out...(can you tell it's Idol time!) YAY!



Lyn said...

Have fun Kris!

Carolyn said...

Aww Kris, have a GREAT time! You deserve to have some fun after the stressful summer you had. Can't wait to see the pics!

P.S.He loves you.. said...

I'm right there with you..Gen 34-35 today..I tell you Jacob was totally in God's "good grace"..hard to believe this is a decendent of Jesus..wowser!

Have fun in St. Loui I once drove through there..looked like a nice place put was bookin it to Chicago.."windy city" yeah not so nice.

Take care..and keep posting!

Jenn said...

Aw, man! I wish I was going to STL with y'all! I miss you already (have I really been back for two weeks???).

Musicmom-Amy said...

I wish I could be there with everyone too :D But can't miss any of this grandbaby lovin'. have a wonderful time!!!

D... said...

Have a fun, safe trip! It's so wonderful to get away for awhile, especially with good friends!

You are not alone with a son with atrocious handwriting. My son seems to be getting worse than getting better. His teacher is trying to get him to care, but, yeah, it's not working.

I am with you on the bible reading. Genesis isn't so bad for me. It's Leviticus that always puts an end to my reading. I think I just need to skip that book and go back to it at the end.

I have American Idol on right now. So happy to have it back! I look forward to when the competition really begins.

Bubba's Sis said...

You're not a bad blogger! We all get busy with LIFE. I'm still hangin' with ya!

Have fun in St. Louis! I've never been there, but hope to go someday. Can't wait to hear all about your Sisterchicks Adventure!

forgetfulone said...

Oh! Lucky! Well, I get a retreat soon, but it's only to Round Top. St. Louis is a long way. Hope you're having fun!