Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I felt led to share this with y'all, not sure why except hoping you can see the everyday miracles that we are blessed with and thank the One who makes them happen!

This weekend we went to hear a man speak who was dead.... yep, for 90 minutes. He was awesome! If you haven't heard of Don Piper or read his book, "90 Minutes in Heaven", let me know, you can borrow my copy. Short version; this preacher on his way home from a pastor's conference in the Lake Livingston area gets hit head-on by an 18 wheeler driven by a trustee from a prison close by. The truck was going about 80 and it killed Don immediately. I won't give anything away, but this man is incredible and awesome to see how he is doing, walking and talking, both of which the doctors said he'd never do. He was a pastor at a church in Alvin,TX and still lives close by in Pasadena. While listening to the speakers before him, they were mentioning how everything that happens these days is explained by "coincidence" or "luck," do you know what the definition of coincidence is? It is: The occurence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection. Hmmmm.... doesn't anyone notice that there is a Person behind these events? Like one of the speakers at Saturday's breakfast said, most people would rather believe that alot of things "just happened" to save that man, keep that plane from crashing and instead land in the water safely... have you heard of all the things that "had to go right" for that to happen?? I don't believe that, I believe there were reasons unbeknown to us and the passengers for it to land safely and have everyone survive. Do you see what I see? (I got this photo from another blog, but forgot who's...sorry)

I know in my life I have been witness to more miracles than I can count and most of which were not fun. My husband is an accident waiting to happen, or was in his younger life! He has been hoisted out of the lake unconsious and face down from a wakeboarding accident and flown to Hermann Hospital by Life Flight. I had always been a believer and a praying person, but during this time more than ever. He had caught a rock underwater with his board and had flip-flopped over a rocky shoreline back in Clear Creek splitting his head wide open, breaking many bones along the way. His brain was swelling and we were told that if he woke up, he might not know us. Among other terrible injuries, this was by far the worst. After 3 days in a coma, all the while, my family, his family and all we knew were praying without ceasing for him, he woke up. It was the longest 3 days of my life, but I know it was a miracle, there was no other reason. He was fine and except for the staples, stitches and bandages that would help him heal, he was his normal self! Praise God! There were a few other times where he managed to survive, keep his leg, (another long story)and live thru driving in the middle of a hurricane that I knew there was a bigger pair of hands keeping him safe!

The biggest miracle is the birth of my son. I had a normal pregnancy and long delivery, so there's no drama to that story, but just the miracle of life, that is the best one of all!

Hopefully this post will just open your eyes to see the miracles in your lives, and not just think, "how lucky" or how it "just happened". Let me hear about your everyday miracles!


D... said...

Holy Moly about your hubby! I can very well imagine how long those 3 days were for you. Scary.

You are so right about miracles. There's quite a few times that I can absolutely see God's hand. Of course, the birth of my babies. And, even the the miscarriage of my middle baby. At one time, the saddest thing to happen to me ,but, now, I'm grateful. Because of that, I have my son.

Car accidents that could have gone deadly wrong but didn't.

There have also been some decisions in hubby's work either in changing jobs or transfers. At the time, we didn't see but now realize they were God's will being done. Miracles. All of them, albeit nothing dramatic.

Bubba's Sis said...

I agree 100%! There are no such things as coincidences. If we would only look close enough, we would see God's hand in everything.

I LOVE that picture!

And who can see a newborn baby and NOT believe there is a God??

forgetfulone said...

I absolutely loved that book! I've had a bad day, but I do need to be thankful for what I have. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

There are angels walking this earth. I know because I've met them. When my uncle and godfather died, basically alone and penniless as a result of alcoholism despite numerous attempts by my dad / his brother to help him, I was the only family member who went to Texas to attend a memorial service for him. One of his ex-wife's daughters came up to me with a small diamond ring and a story of how my uncle had given it to her in a strange encounter years ago and it was the only piece of jewelry that hadn't been stolen in a home burglary, and she felt it was meant for me. His ex-wife invited me to her house where I admired this strangely familiar looking china, and sure enough, it had been my grandfather's and the next day she packed it all up and gave it to me along with a box of pictures and a gorgeous wolfskin rug made from a gray wolf my uncle had shot in the Yukon. Frank was one of only two uncles for me (my mom and dad each had just one brother), and he was my godfather, and we had a special bond, and thanks to these two angels, I have pieces of him to hold on to, pieces that show he was so much more than a pitiful alcoholic.

I loved the book The Celestine Prophecy which discusses this concept of coincidences being more than odd luck.