Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rainy days...& ER

These kinds of days make me catch up on all things DVR'ed. It is cold and rainy out, all my laundry is cought up and my house is pretty clean, so I'm camped out by the fire watching things I have recorded! I love the regular shows like Grey's (finally with a new epi), and Survivor, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars... but my favorite for years is ER, and I am sad, so sad that this is the last year...I have watched from the beginning. The beginning being 1994, I was not a Mom yet and still in the working world! Different days! Here are a few of my favorite ER moments: Season 1 starts out as your typical medical drama with a great looking cast. They are building relationships and helping us get to know the doctors.

Do you see how young they all look?? My favorites at the beginning were of course John Carter (Noah Wylie) and Doug Ross (George Clooney). I liked Dr. Benton, but his character was a bit of a jerk, though we grew to love him. Dr. Mark Greene was awesome in a sweet, goofy way, we all knew him from Top Gun (Goose).

Some memorable highlights from ER through the years:
  • a crazy patient takes over the ER and kills and intern (Lucy; played by Kellie Martin) and almost Dr. Carter. Season 5.

  • Luka Kovac joins the cast... ooh la la... played by Goran Visnjic. Love me some Luka! Season 6.

  • Carter and Abby get involved in drugs and alcohol struggles. Season 7.
  • Dr. Greene gets married and discovers he has a brain tumor. Season 7.
  • Dr. Greg Pratt played by the hunky Mekhi Phifer joins the cast. and the worst part of this season was losing Dr. Greene! :( Season 8

  • Some of the cast, Carter, Pratt and Kem (Carters' wife) go to Darfur, really heartbreaking shows. Season 9

  • One of the most memorable episodes of Season 10 was when Dr. Romano gets killed by a helicopter falling off the roof and ont him in the ambulance bay! He was a jerk, so no one really cared, except the special effects were awesome!!

  • Dr. Carter and wife finally have a baby only for it to be stillborn. Really sad shows in Season 11.
  • Then.... my man... John Stamos joins the cast as Dr. Tony gates!! Season 12 but Gallant dies in Iraq.

  • Season 13 - Sam and her son get kidnapped by her ex and Sam ends up killing him when he's asleep. Abby and Luka have a baby, Joe.

  • Dr. Moretti (Stanley Tucci) joins the cast, but doesn't last long... I liked his character! Season 14

  • Dr Pratt dies in an explosion in the ambulance bay. Hated to see him go. Season 15.

Now to Thursday night, John Carter showed up a few weeks ago and we discovered he needs a kidney transplant. He is admitted to Northwestern where Dr. Benton works, so we get to see him for the first time in 7 years. Then forward to the hospital where Neela and Sam are retrieiving organs, and there are Doug and Carol! They have been married and working in a hospital in Seattle (wonder if they know McDreamy?) since 2000. I read on the official ER site that they ordered 3 more episodes and it will make the FINAL show ever of ER to air on April 2nd. WAAAHHH!! Thank goodness I have plenty of shows to watch on Thursday night, but I will really miss ER.
Season 6

Season 10


Laura said...

Well said, Kris!! Thursdays just won't be the same. :(

Musicmom-Amy said...

Woohoo!!! Great recap!! I felt like I was the only one that watched this show. Seemed everyone was going toward Grey's. For me they were on at the same time and I was watching ER. I have to say when Ramano was killed dd & I actually let out a scream. Shed many a tears on that show.

D... said...

I am with you on Grey's, AI, DWTS, & Survivor. But, I left you a long time ago with ER.

I was a new mom with a husband working nights when it first came on the air. I LOVED it. But, after a few years, I started noticing how sad & depressed it made me right before bedtime. I stopped watching after about 3 seasons. I'd check back in for a few episodes such as when Lucy & Carter were attacked and when Dr. Greene died. I haven't checked in for a few seasons.

I know what it's like to say good-bye to a favorite show. I'm sorry for your Thursday night loss. :)

P.S.He loves you.. said...

Wow you really do have the scoop they should have hired you as their PR person ;0)
I remember it also and when I watched it I also lived in another it's and only when the kids or dh don't need my know.

forgetfulone said...

I haven't watched the last two seasons, but I'm about to rent them. I love ER! Kids have just kept me so busy. And I love rainy days when I can curl up and catch up on TV or books.