Saturday, April 4, 2009

Family, Fun, Frenzy & Fuzzy!

Seems like it's been forever since I've been here! I have been really busy. No, not at work, I don't have a paid position in a fancy office. I'm a MOM. Who has time to hold a job and be a Mom? God bless em, because if it were me, I'd never have clean laundry, house, kitchen, kid or husband.. they'd be all dirty all the time! We have had Spring Break, (see: bored 9 yr old after 2 days), we had family in town from Ohio on their Spring Break, then got a new family member, a fuzzy one. Maverick, he is another rescue. Like Merry, our first Anatolian, we couldn't let him go without a family. He was orphaned, long and sad story, in North Texas and brought here to our friends that do great work with the National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network. We saw him and fell hard, he is precious, but he's a puppy and I wanna wring his neck, or course not literally, but dang those little fangs hurt!
SO he keeps us busy, and the play practice (read previous post) and playing tourist with family. Back to the family visit, it was fun, Trey wasn't bored, he had two other boys to hang with, my cousins kids, they all got along great. They got in on Friday night, so everyone came here from the airport and we had dinner. Saturday we hung out at my parents and the kids played outside. We were supposed to swim, but the cold followed them down, it was way too chilly! Sunday they had plans across town, so we did our normal things. Monday was Space Center Houston day, I have been many times, but there is always a new attraction, this time was "Pirates". Of course the kids favorite is the Martian Matrix (a huge plaything like McD's, but waaaaaay bigger).

Then Tuesday we went to Kemah, yes, it's back. There are a few rides that Ike messed up and they have fixed, but there are some gone totally and some that won't be back for a while. It looked good though considering!

We went out to the bluebonnet field and got lots of pics, but I didn't have my camera, so I'm waiting on those and will post when I get them!

Hope Spring has made it to your neck of the woods! Get out and enjoy!


Linda F. said...

Oh, Kris! He's adorable! What does Merry think? And bless you for rescuing him. You know how I feel about this!!
Sounds like you've had a fun (read: busy) time!

Tanya @ said...

Looks like y'all had a fun time!
And that has got to be THE cutest puppy. :)

D... said...

Fun times!!! I am really in love with your puppy. He is super cute. That's the LAST thing I need, however.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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