Saturday, August 1, 2009


Trey's party was fun...we met all his friends up at the Fun Max, it's an old grocery store turned into Bouncey Heaven... they played for an hour and half, lasted longer than I thought. It takes alot out of them, good if you wanna wear em out! Then we got Chinese take out, came back home and let them eat. Then I got Trey's present (A cell phone) which I swore I wouldn't do... more about that some other time, and put it under the ottoman before I called them in to open gifts. He had a time with some of the cards and got some cool stuff. Then Nick called his phone, and we were like "what is that?" they thought it was from a card, so he did it again until they went searching. He was really surprised... he just better prove he can handle it! Then we made ice cream sundaes and had cake. It was all good! But all night he wanted to jack with that phone, but we got him off of it and all the boys, young and old, had a Rock Band night. For some reason I keep hearing AC/DC in my brain! I got to bed about midnight and slept without getting woken up. Miracle of all miracles! Fed them eggs and bacon for breakfast, and sent them all home around noon. Yesterday we had to go spend some birthday money. First a case for the phone and a USB cable, then a new Wii game....can't save money this kid.....
Click on the link for a slideshow! Bday Pix

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