Sunday, November 20, 2016

Day 2: Sea Day - 11/29

So all day we will be cruising south
 through the Gulf, on the way to Jamaica, getting warmer and warmer by the minute! YAY! Pool day for sure!

Today is Sunday and the Texans are on, so we are going to find out where we can watch! Nothing better than enjoying a football game in the middle of the Gulf! So we went to the EA SportsBar and it was standing room only, 4 deep at the bar. Then Rob decided to go check out the Red Frog Pub where we had stopped in the night before, and when he didn't come back, we headed over there. Had the whole place to ourselves and a few tables in front of  2 big screens!! Bonus!!

As the people walking by heard the screaming and hollering from the Pub, it got more full, but we still had the best seats in the place! Best thing of all? Texans WIN! After the game it was time to get ready for dinner, first formal night. Guys were all spiffy in their suits and ties and girls all fancied up and hair done. The Dining Room had tablecloths on the tables and was more elegant than the other nights so far. Every night after dinner we'd be so full, we would go change and head up to the Promenade. Stopped in the Sing Along Piano Bar one night, totally fun! Went in the dance club to get our groove on, then catch a show, then to the Comedy Club, usually watched two or three shows there a night. Finally would head to our rooms around 1 or 2 am. Towel animal on Night 2 was a dog. Looked like an elephant, but short nose :) Onto Day 3, another Sea Day, it's a long trip from Galveston to Jamaica!!

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