Saturday, July 12, 2008

Busy Saturday!

We had a busy day today for a Saturday anyway. Some friends from church, their little boy turned 5. He is so sweet and Trey loves him. The party was at the Skate Rink. At least it was in the a/c because it is so dang hot! Trey tried to skate and got ticked off because he couldn't do it within 2 minutes of putting his skates on. He tried roller blades first, then switched to skates but couldn't figure it out on either! So most of the kids ended up in the jumpy obstacle course thing. Which was fine too. Yesterday Trey & Poppy went to the museum and saw all kinds of fossils and geodes. They had a blast and got to pick out a rock and get it split to see what was in it. It was very pretty and purple! Trey is his mothers son, because I sent him with my camera and he took 75 pictures in about an hour. I gave him a hint about using a flash on things that are in a glass case. LOL! Most of the pics have a flashback in them. But he did really good! You can see how really big these things are! My goofy son.....nice pic!

Tomorrow is church and then scrapping. I hope! I bought some new adhesive for my ATG gun, it was out and I did about 6 LO's with a crappy runner and glue dots, for shame! Night all! See ya manana!


Cracker Scraps said...

Looks like the boys had fun!

Thanks for the reminder for the ATG refills! I need some and order with Dani who is also about out!

I wonder when the SB industry will come out with their own version of the ATG gun. It's got to happen, these guns are so much better than the old tape runners!

pink said...

Looks like he had a great time! My boys would've loved that place. :)