Monday, July 28, 2008

Is it time for school to start yet???

Man, if I have to go through another day like today, I will end up in the loony bin! It is flippin 100 degrees outside and in since none of the kids that are running in & out all day don't know how to close doors! One thing they do know how to do is eat all my food! You would think they are homeless as much time as they are over here! I love that Trey has friends and they do keep him busy and not hollering for me constantly, but jeeze, when there are 6 of them, things happen. I was trying to vaccuum and it only took an hour (which is usually a 20 minute job) because people kept coming in and out. A neighbor just stood there talking my ear off while I had the vaccuum running! I left it going on purpose, get a hint, but she didn't! ;) and the door was wide open! I laughingly said, "you're just like the kids, go in or out"... but she didn't get it! I should have bet money when these certain kids came in they would be down in 5 minutes to ask for food, well it only took 2! Then once they came back from her house to ask for a bottle of water!?!?!? I said, "Don't you have water at your house?" I am PMSing so that is part of it and hopefully Trey's friends won't think I'm the Wicked Witch or something, but it's like this day in and day out! Oh, and get this... the Dad of 2 of them was complaining to someone that he only got them for a month in the summer, but on his day off, guess where they were?!?!? HERE! Hellooooooooo... spend some time with your kids! I had one of them for 3 days without him even going home! OK, that's enough, I'm sure you are tired of my piddly drama!

I did get all the Yard Sale stuff priced and boxed up and in storage. We decided to wait til after school started (if that ever comes!) and then it'll also be a little cooler! So we'll have it in Sept or Oct. By the looks of all my crap, I hope to make some coin!

I have not scrapped in ages! I'm trying to get going on our Myrtle Beach album, but I've been going thru 300 some pics and need to just order them instead of printing them myself. But... sometimes I like different sizes of pics and it's easier to print them as I go. I guess I'll have to pick the best ones and not print hundreds!

I'm hooking up with an old friend of mine who's going thru a rough time and we're gonna lay out by the pool and just talk and tan! Looking forward to that later in the week.

Tomorrow is my baby's Bday. Can't believe it, I'll post about that then. We are going to see my Gma with my Mom and niece, then all meet up for dinner at Ichibon's for some yummy steak and shrimp cooked on the hibachi! Trey picked it, he loves the cooks and their tricks!

Going to chill for a bit, check ya tomorrow! Thanks for hanging in w/me today!


Kara said...

hey sweetie! thanks so much for your super sweet comments!!
i am finally digging myself out of exhaustion and sleeping next to the toilet!
i was thinking about you saturday because we drove out to galveston for a beach day!
we def. need to get together. let me know!!

Musicmom-Amy said...

Sounds like a fun b-day dinner! Even though you had an "in and out" day with the kids, just remember they must love it there. You're doing good Mom :D