Saturday, July 26, 2008

Word of the day...WHY?

Well, I guess you could say I've been busy this week! I have been in Shaggy's (Trey's new nickname) room for the last few days from sun up til dinner! He has so many toys and crap, I couldn't stand it any longer! He has a 10x6 closet that was packed to the gills, and shelving along one wall that was overflowing onto the floors. Not to mention a few toy boxes and drawers full of mostly junk! So since his Bday is Tuesday and he'll be getting much more stuff, I had to do it! I started taking everything off the shelves and dusting. I had been collecting that dust for about a year, and was sad to see it go, NOT! Then only putting a few things back up. The others went in boxes for storage, Yard sale or donate. He is a packrat like his father and keeps old broken Mickey D's, Sonic and BK toys... WHY??? so they are gone to toy heaven by way of the big blue monster(dumpster). Have I mentioned I love big, black lawn & leaf trash bags, the kind you can't see thru?? LOL! So then it's on to both toy boxes. One has his rubber ball collection, why again?, and all his naked Build A Bears. Why buy clothes for these guys? They never stay on!
I also went thru all of his clothes in drawers and closet and weeded out stuff. He is in a 8-10 and had size 4 shorts still! I got under his bed, which is a platform bed and has great storage underneath, and threw lots of stuffed animals in the Yard Sale boxes, but also found the Pooh talking bear and the singing Caillou and a few toys that he had when he was a sweet 2 year old. Memories.... I did keep a few sentimental things. I also went thru all 4 boxes and totes of old schoolwork, my lands, why did I feel the need to keep all of that? 3 trash bags full of old paperwork. I kept things he had made that were special, but ended up throwing most away. So, long story not so short... I have made 2 trips to storage so far and have 7 bins for Yard Sale in my bedroom and still need to price 3 of them, mostly hiding it from Shaggy, or he'll pull most of it back and stuff the shelves once again!

So, why Shaggy? Well, he goes to a private school and has to keep his hair short, but during the summer I let him go without a haircut. He is trying to be a Sk8terBoi and wants long hair like all the gromms he is riding with, WHAT??? anyway, his hair has a curl to it and now it's beyond looking cute, it's just plain shaggy, hence the name! I don't have any recent pics, because his hair always looks like crap! I'll try to get one soon! and no I didn't take before and after pics of his room, WHY? hmmmmmm, guess I'm not a true scrapbooker after all that would have made a great LO! That's ok, it'll be there again eventually! Not too soon for my back's sake!

Going to price stuff and get it outta here before he wants to see what's in all those boxes!! see ya!


Dana said...

Kris.. if you are getting rid of that singing Cailou... I will buy it off you and pay for shipping..Tanner loves that kid.. me I think the bald kid is pretty annoying.. LOL LMK

Sounds like you had a major clean out.. Good job. I need to do that!

Shaggy.. i love that! :)

Cracker Scraps said...

Oh come on Kris! You'll be sorry in the future if you don't photograph and scrap "Shaggy"!

I remember going through my kids stuff and yes, lovin' those dark colored trash bags. I'd put them in the garage and if an item wasn't missed in a week or two, out it went.

BTW, this works for husbands too! Ya get their grunge clothes they caan't seem to stop wearing, hide them and if they don't ask, "have you seen get to throw it out, otherwise you say, "hum, let me see if it's in the laundry and come up with said item and say, "is this the one you ment"?!