Saturday, August 9, 2008


finally.... the trip was uneventful going to Ohio for my aunts funeral. We visited with family and enjoyed the time we were there, not fun, but we made the best of it. My aunt and her family are really loved, the visitation went on for over 5 hours and they had over 815 visitors, those that signed the book anyway... could have been more. Their church family is incredible. There were at least 10-6 ft long tables with food when we got back to the church from the gravesite and 3-4 more with just desserts. They thought of everything. Just so amazing. We got up at 4am to catch our flight back to Houston on Friday and got to Charlotte with no problems, then it started... out flight home got cancelled for mechanical problems. They sent us to a counter to resolve it, but we were about 100 people back and were about to spend the night there, but luckily got a flight to Atlanta then on home. I was mentally and physically exhausted when we rolled in the front door after 6pm. Only a mere 9 hours later than expected. Never again will I fly POS Airways (US Airways), never ever! They had the lowest fare when we booked, but it was not worth it. Airlines really take advantage of short notice. I swear, if I could start an airline just for grieving families, show some compassion and have decent fares, I could be rich!
I made it thru the Opening Ceremonies long enough to watch the USA come in then I crashed until 9am. Still groggy, but starting to feel better! Back to normal tomorrow. Then less than 2 weeks until school starts! YIPPEE! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers for my family, they'll need more as things try to get settled and all quiets down around their homes without their wife, Mom, Nana, and sister, so keep them coming! Thanks!


Lyn said...

I'm glad you made it home safely Kris...I bet you thought you'd never get home! It sounds like your Aunt was very well loved by everyone....what a testiment to her. I'm praying for your family, I hope time will ease the pain of losing such a wonderful woman (((HUGS)))

Bubba's Sis said...

Welcome home!

D... said...

I'm glad you got to visit with family!

I'll never fly US Airways nor American Airlines. Horrible, horrible service.

Cracker Scraps said...

Just glad to have you back home! I know your guys are glad to have you back as well!

I remember when DH's father died how their church fed everyone, it was really special and the town is so small there's really no where to go out!

I've never seenn so much ham as was delivered almost hourly to my MIL's home. Also learned about chicken and noodles, German/Western style. Here in the South it's chicken and dumplin's, but you already knew that!

I know everyone will miss your aunt, she sounds like she was much loved!

D... said...

Thanks for the advice about Red Diamond & McAlister's. I have not tried either but I've seen both. You are so right, I think the key is in sugar syrup.

I see that you go to Clear Creek Community Church. A good friend of mine went there until she moved to Kentucky. She loved it!