Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympic Dreams

Yaaaaaaawwwn... I can't keep doing this! When are the closing ceremonies? We have been staying up late to watch the Olympics and man, am I tired. I can't do this next week since school starts. YAY! Yippee! (yes, I'm so ready!) I have been crashing around 12:30 and sleeping in, but all that comes to a screeching halt on Tuesday! Nick is a night owl, so it's not getting to him as much. The swimming has been in a word FABULOUS! Our guys are amazing! That Michael Phelps is a machine! Our girls gymnastics seem to always get a case of 'worst luck' during the games. I felt so bad for Alicia, the one that made all the mistakes. Guess there can only be one Nadia, Mary Lou or Kerri, I won't ever forget those girls! I have even been getting into the volleyball, no, not for the tush show, that's why hubby likes to watch them, they are just GOOD! The butts hanging out take away from the sport a bit, but whatever, May & Walsh rock!

Well, onto my daily to-do's and more coffee! Oh, and thanks to Pastor Ryan for the graphic, I borrowed it from him, yes, I'm too tired to look at this screen and search for my own! Have a great Thursday!


D... said...

Hey! I "know" Pastor Ryan from the Pioneer Woman. He cooks for her website from time to time.

I so agree about Michael Phelps. He's amazing. The winningest Olympian Ever. My son wants a Phelps Phan tee.

Happy Birthday to your niece! I hope it's a great 2nd year for her!

kris said...

LOL, that's where I "know" him from too! I love his blog! and that Lasagna, YUM!
thanks for stopping by!

Bubba's Sis said...

We, too, are enjoying the Olympics. And we, too, are staying up way too late! I'm a night owl by nature, but with school starting in just another week I've got to get on an earlier schedule or I'll be dying. Or driving my kids to school in a zombie-like state.

forgetfulone said...

I accidentally saw one of the medal winners on the news earlier today because I can't keep up! I have to set the DVR and watch at my own pace.

Gymnastics is my favorite! I will watch anything gymnastics that they put on TV. If it's on DVR, I will probably watch more than once, even though I know the results. The swimming and diving have been fun to watch, too. Beach volleyball is okay, but my hubby watches for the same reason as yours.