Sunday, August 31, 2008

I say... and you think...?

Groceries :: to the store again?
Deodorant :: no sweaty pits
Psychic :: not...
Cherries :: good on scrapbook paper, not to eat
Spooky :: Halloween
Yogurt :: wish I liked it
Kitchen :: one of my favorite places
Nothing personal :: creative critiquing
Be nice :: what I say to DS constantly
Delivery :: free shipping?
If you wanna play: LunaNina


forgetfulone said...

That's how I feel about the grocery store! Again? It's my least favorite chore. I can't believe Halloween will be here before we know it. Seems like it was just Halloween a few weeks ago. Summer went too fast!

D... said...

I didn't know what your thought association would be because I'm not a psychic either.

♥tnchick♥ said...

I use to do these all the time!

Groceries :: food
Deodorant :: stink
Psychic :: hand
Cherries :: on top
Spooky :: ghost
Yogurt :: cold
Kitchen :: table
Nothing personal :: to tell
Be nice :: or else
Delivery :: charges
If you wanna play :: say so