Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor fun for Labor Day

Just for fun, I thought I'd pull out this meme I found. In honor of Labor Day, it's about...well, labor. And not the kind you get a day off for, either.

How long were your labors?
14+ hours

How did you know you were in labor?
scheduled induction

Where did you deliver?

of course! Epidural at an 8!

almost, I had 3 more pushes and she was gonna take him, I had been pushing for 3 hours.He was a big one!

Who delivered?

If you want to play along with this meme, just cut and paste the questions into your own blog.
Then link back to it at Rocks In My Dryer. Thanks!


TexasTanya said...

Just wanted to let you know that you've won something on my blog (!

Tanya :)

D... said...

Epidurals Rock! With my 1st, I was given one at a 3 and with my 2nd at 9.5! I think they saw the panic in my eyes & knew they better try. ;)

Baby Tunnel Exodus said...

I found your blog through the Labor Day meme and as soon as the title loaded I was yellin out Bon Jovi! (to myself and half the mall. whattayado?) My very first tape was Bon Jovi. I even had a pink walkman. Sigh, the days. Thanks for sharing your Labor Day. Stay blessed! ~Whitney

Bubba's Sis said...

I did this one, too! Happy Labor Day!

forgetfulone said...

Happy Labor Day! I don't want to remember labor with my twins, although I think yours was a bit longer than mine. Still. Ugh! It's worth it, though.